Animal husbandry

Bentonite is being currently authorized as animal feed additives for Mycotoxins binder and for anticaking agent. Our selected premium Sodium Bentonite has a high Montmorillonite content and also a very high adsorbent capacity due to the presence of negative charges on the surface. Owing to this high adsorbent property, it eliminate Mycotoxins such as aflatoxin B1 and other substances which is very harmful for various animal species.

Besides this it is also beneficial for adsorption of organic contamination and improvement in the strength property of feed pellets. The physical and chemical structure of Bentonite facilitates the superficial adsorption of proteins and amino acids.

Protein Binder: Bentonite protect the proteins and amino acids from microbial fermentation occurring in the rumen. It also can improve feed efficiency, milk production, wool growth and egg production.

Applicable for all Species Feed Additive: Bentonite is an effective feed additive for poultry, pigs, dairy cattle, horses, sheep and deer.

Environment Friendly: Bentonite is ubiquitous soil components, and their use in animal production is not expected to adversely affect the environment.