There are two forms of Bentonite Clay – Sodium Bentonite, and Calcium Bentonite.

Sodium Bentonite is extremely absorbent and adsorbent – meaning it has the properties to swell and draw pollutants into its internal structure (absorb), as well at being able to attract positively charged substances (such as toxins) to its negatively charged surface (adsorb). It is these properties that make Sodium Bentonite – also known as Swelling Clay – such a powerful purifying substance.

Calcium Bentonite is non-swelling mineral, which is  commonly used in beauty and wellness applications.

Our mines

The first and only natural sodium bentonite deposit in Romania was started in underground mining in Valea Chioarului , county of Maramures from the year 1914.

The second bentonite deposit and the biggest in Romania is located in Orasu Nou, county of Satu Mare where open pit mining started in 1955 for calcium bentonite

Raw material is transported to Mediesu Aurit factory, county of Satu Mare, where production and packing is made.

Sustainable development is the idea that human societies must live and meet their needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

BENTONITA SA is committed to realise a sustainable exploatation of all the natural resources in his posesion and to take effective measures to protect the environment at the mining operation sites and at the production plant.